Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Ballad of Jack ‘O’ Lantern By James WF Roberts

The Ballad of Jack ‘O’ Lantern 

by James WF Roberts

Old Jack, was of the Emerald isle,
they say, he traveled a mighty mile
by sea, over mountains, swampy road
only ambition was to find and build a home.

‘That’s enough for a man’,
he’d say, ‘who wants riches
power or fame?
I’ve a good patch of land
cattle and crop
just a good cigar
a nip of a wee drop’.

But, all did not augur well for this man named Jack
for a drought had come hard and come fast,
his beautiful crop, had turned all to ash,
all except his strong and lucky pumpkin patch. 

Poor Old Jack, started drinking
desperate for cash,
oh, poor Jack fell deep, and he fell fast,
pretty soon all he did was lying and sinning
women and whiskey, dice, card or horse,
he’d make his luck back, by skill or by force.
he’d given up on prayin’, he’d given up all hope,
then he happened by a Spring Heeled Jack
bored and looking for a chance.

Old Jack knew what he was doing
when he offered a game to that stranger,
Spring Heeled Jack, was the Devil, so old Jack knew of the danger
he offered his soul and his strong pumpkin patch,
if old Nick himself would turn all the dirt in Jack’s pockets, into cold hard cash.
Not caring for the warning, or the deal he had made,
with a wave of a hand

Jack soon became the richest man in the land
But, old Jack did get greedy, and old Nick would laugh,
for soon Jack wanted every farm in the land
an angry mob stormed his homestead
where old Jack’s stubborn and greed, knew no end,
a fight broke out, old Jack lost his head.

And now every Halloween he wanders around
every state, every city, every town,
looking for his head, so he can be buried in full, where his body remains.

For all the children say, ‘run, run, run and hide,
if Jack looks you in the eye, you die and take his place,
wandering the land for his lost head.

We put out those pumpkins, every October, to send old Jack on his way.

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