Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween Feast by James WF Roberts

Halloween Feast
by James WF Roberts

Here they come
all those little kiddies
dressed in their capes
and their shields,
Princesses and Little Green men,
Spider man and Wolverine.
Their skin oily and loose
from pigging out all night
as they go from house to house.
There’s something about
American life these days
that makes me hungry.

So, many kids, fat and docile
zombified from behavioural drugs
fast food, TV, phones, pads, Facebook
and consoles.
The fatter they are
the harder it is for them
to get away; why would they want to get away
from little old me?

I have cakes,
I have candies,
I have candy-apples
gum drops, gingerbread men
everything a baker can bake
to entice his prey.

And here they all come
two by two this human
anime zoo,
my piper’s song
baked goods wafting out my chimney
they’re floating like a Disney movie
straight to my door

straight through my door
as they gorge themselves
plumper, and plumper; with my baster I drizzle extra
virgin olive oil.

Their skin glisten,  like wet leather
Calm down—calm down!—patience—patience is all  that is required.
Why are they always so eager to jump in the hot tub,
with all of  their little friends?

I throw in some carrots, parsley, potatoes and leaks.
four onions and four flowers of garlic—just for a dash of flavour.
I switch off the light. 

Down comes the lid of my giant pot.

Me and the pastor will be eating tonight!

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