Sunday, 16 October 2016

Glamour Girl (words and images by James WF Roberts)

(Words and Images by James WF Roberts/Red Wolf Press)

The crowd moves as she walks through the room
like Moses parting the Red Sea
her lips hypnotise you
her eyes invite you
Hollywood and red lights
angel and demon
it’s the story of the glamour girl

She moves in you something
you try to hide
she awakens in you
fantasies and make-believe
sends you to the highest peaks
but obliterates your pride

Can change her look and her aspect
like she’s breathing in and out
red hair—old world noir
blonde hair—rock chick all the way
jet black and a singlet top, or leather corset

Red lips
that make you cry
oh those sexy eyes
Glamour girl
breaks your pride

Glamour girl
best friend you can ever
glamour girl
doesn’t give up on you
when the rest of the world
casts you aside

Fierce as a lioness
as gentle as a fire in the night
Glamour girl astounds
glamour girl arouses
glamour girl espouses
All that’s what’s left inside

Model: Ast Rid/Maya Tal

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