Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween Feast by James WF Roberts

Halloween Feast
by James WF Roberts

Here they come
all those little kiddies
dressed in their capes
and their shields,
Princesses and Little Green men,
Spider man and Wolverine.
Their skin oily and loose
from pigging out all night
as they go from house to house.
There’s something about
American life these days
that makes me hungry.

So, many kids, fat and docile
zombified from behavioural drugs
fast food, TV, phones, pads, Facebook
and consoles.
The fatter they are
the harder it is for them
to get away; why would they want to get away
from little old me?

I have cakes,
I have candies,
I have candy-apples
gum drops, gingerbread men
everything a baker can bake
to entice his prey.

And here they all come
two by two this human
anime zoo,
my piper’s song
baked goods wafting out my chimney
they’re floating like a Disney movie
straight to my door

straight through my door
as they gorge themselves
plumper, and plumper; with my baster I drizzle extra
virgin olive oil.

Their skin glisten,  like wet leather
Calm down—calm down!—patience—patience is all  that is required.
Why are they always so eager to jump in the hot tub,
with all of  their little friends?

I throw in some carrots, parsley, potatoes and leaks.
four onions and four flowers of garlic—just for a dash of flavour.
I switch off the light. 

Down comes the lid of my giant pot.

Me and the pastor will be eating tonight!

“Trick or Treat” (a drabble).

“Trick or Treat” (a drabble).
James WF Roberts

Fuzzy. Everything’s fuzzy, out of focus. Head throbbing. What’s that rancid smell? Where am I? What happened? Come on think…think. What’s the last thing you remember?

A muffled scream echoes down a hall way.
Fuck! What was that?  Fuck!
Gunshot rings out. Creaking floorboards. A door slams.
Don’t make a sound. Don’t make a sound!

Heavy foot falls, pound wooden floorboards.
SHIT! Shit! What’s happening…where am I? last thing I remember. Opening the door some kids screaming out “trick or treat”. The world went dark.
Keys are fumbling. Latch open. Dull eyes are staring.
“trick or treat…girlie”. He reaches in. 

The Ballad of Jack ‘O’ Lantern By James WF Roberts

The Ballad of Jack ‘O’ Lantern 

by James WF Roberts

Old Jack, was of the Emerald isle,
they say, he traveled a mighty mile
by sea, over mountains, swampy road
only ambition was to find and build a home.

‘That’s enough for a man’,
he’d say, ‘who wants riches
power or fame?
I’ve a good patch of land
cattle and crop
just a good cigar
a nip of a wee drop’.

But, all did not augur well for this man named Jack
for a drought had come hard and come fast,
his beautiful crop, had turned all to ash,
all except his strong and lucky pumpkin patch. 

Poor Old Jack, started drinking
desperate for cash,
oh, poor Jack fell deep, and he fell fast,
pretty soon all he did was lying and sinning
women and whiskey, dice, card or horse,
he’d make his luck back, by skill or by force.
he’d given up on prayin’, he’d given up all hope,
then he happened by a Spring Heeled Jack
bored and looking for a chance.

Old Jack knew what he was doing
when he offered a game to that stranger,
Spring Heeled Jack, was the Devil, so old Jack knew of the danger
he offered his soul and his strong pumpkin patch,
if old Nick himself would turn all the dirt in Jack’s pockets, into cold hard cash.
Not caring for the warning, or the deal he had made,
with a wave of a hand

Jack soon became the richest man in the land
But, old Jack did get greedy, and old Nick would laugh,
for soon Jack wanted every farm in the land
an angry mob stormed his homestead
where old Jack’s stubborn and greed, knew no end,
a fight broke out, old Jack lost his head.

And now every Halloween he wanders around
every state, every city, every town,
looking for his head, so he can be buried in full, where his body remains.

For all the children say, ‘run, run, run and hide,
if Jack looks you in the eye, you die and take his place,
wandering the land for his lost head.

We put out those pumpkins, every October, to send old Jack on his way.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Release Day: The Siren's Call, issue #29 Hallowe'en.

Release Day: The Siren's Call, issue #29 Hallowe'en.

The 29th issue of The Sirens Call eZine comes in at 167 pages and features short stories, flash fiction, and poetry centered on the theme of Hallowe'en Hell.

It also contains artwork by, and an interview with, Joe Roberts, as well as interviews with KL Dantes, author of Mill's Woods, and Maynard Blackoak, author of Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West!

It's such an honour to be published in such illustrious company.
  Artist, Joe Roberts (@Joe_R_Roberts). Authors: Diane Arrelle, James Austin, Maynard Blackoak, C. Cooch, Stuart Conover, Stephen Crowley, Jessica Curtis, Calvin Demmer, Stacy Fileccia, Marlena Frank, David J. Gibbs, J.W. Grace (Jim Grace), L. Page Hamilton (Laura Hamilton), Jill Hand, Kevin Holton, Patrick Loveland, Kahramanah, Nick Manzolillo, R.J. Meldrum (Richard Meldrum), Jacob Carl Mielke, Otis Moore Jr., Madeline Mora-Summonte, Megan O'Leary, Carl Palmer, Author Lucretia Richmond, James WF Roberts, Andrew Robertson, Rory J. Roche, Nicolas Rose, B. David Spicer (Brian Spicer), Mark Steinwachs, Larry Underwood, J.M. Van Horn, Tim Wellman, Terry M. West, Matthew Wilson, Patrick Winters, and KL Dantes. And of course, our relentless team at SCP: Julianne Snow, Gloria Bobrowicz, and Nina D'Arcangela (plus all the usual assorted suspects/minions who go un-named)

Download it free here today: 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Glamour Girl (words and images by James WF Roberts)

(Words and Images by James WF Roberts/Red Wolf Press)

The crowd moves as she walks through the room
like Moses parting the Red Sea
her lips hypnotise you
her eyes invite you
Hollywood and red lights
angel and demon
it’s the story of the glamour girl

She moves in you something
you try to hide
she awakens in you
fantasies and make-believe
sends you to the highest peaks
but obliterates your pride

Can change her look and her aspect
like she’s breathing in and out
red hair—old world noir
blonde hair—rock chick all the way
jet black and a singlet top, or leather corset

Red lips
that make you cry
oh those sexy eyes
Glamour girl
breaks your pride

Glamour girl
best friend you can ever
glamour girl
doesn’t give up on you
when the rest of the world
casts you aside

Fierce as a lioness
as gentle as a fire in the night
Glamour girl astounds
glamour girl arouses
glamour girl espouses
All that’s what’s left inside

Model: Ast Rid/Maya Tal