Sunday, 11 October 2015

Whatever Happened to the Welcome Stranger? (Stop the Mosque/an anti-racism polemic)

Whatever Happened to the Welcome Stranger? (Stop the Mosque/an anti-racism polemic) 

James WF Roberts (c) 2015 

A thousand angry faces,
a thousand screaming voices
hidden by masks, paint and hate.
Eyes burning red,
voices almost hoarse,
days leading up to
this perverse event,
fake be-headings,
images of mutilated infants
other side burning flags,
while the Eureka flag
is used a table cloth
in a picnic in full view of everyone.

On the streets where they once wore
a red ribbon in rebellion, over Miner’s Rights,
that lead to Eureka, 12 months later.

Whatever happened to the Welcome Stranger?
Whatever happened to the tin rattlers
outside every bar and pub on New Year’s Eve
when the worst tsunami in recent memory struck?
Whatever happened to the people who all said ‘Thanks’
to the cops and the fire-fighters, the ambos and local
residents, great big gig, full of rockers young and old?
Whatever happened to the city,
whose streets were paved with gold?

Why are you asking to reclaim Australia?
When did we ever own it?
When was it ever owned,
by anyone

“Stop the mosque!
Because I drink too much
my liver rots!

All Muslim women are objectified
treated like slaves and beaten and raped…”
And white men never do the same?
Aussie babes aren’t on the covers
of magazines, on display on mobile phones
and 1-900 commercials just on midnight?
Footballers piss in their mouths
and film it, post it on twitter!
and so many have been found to
participate in gang rape!

“Islam promotes terror!”
“Where does it actually say that
in the Qur’an come on give me
Chapter and verse!”
“And G-d in the old testament
doesn’t turn people into a
pillar of salt for not recognizing the Sabbath?”
“KKK Christian cult
is only a figment of
big L-liberal agenda,
of course they’re not
a terrorist outfit”.
“Stop the mosque!

So all our ‘rights’ are being taken away?
Are you being arrested for marching and screaming
protesting down the street?

Have you been arrested for threatening to kill?
For discrimination? Intolerance and hate?
How is this ‘movement any different to black and brown shirts,
marching through the streets of Berlin?

The KKK chasin’ down  and lynchin’
Every BOY they see,
or the Westboro goons, spitting on,
desecrating coffins on slain soldiers in
the Mid-East?

Too many blacks in power
too many blacks taking our jobs!”
Like cap drivers,
delivery drivers, 24 hour 7/11
toilet cleaning
and night fill—yeah everyone wants those jobs!
“There’s too many
blacks in this country
of white people”

”Really? Really?
So Ernie Dingo,
Adam Goodes,
Cathy Freeman
are new immigrants are they? “
“Gonna be in my country,
learn the  native language,
learn English”

“Have you heard the average person
on the street try to converse?

The standard of English in this country is quite

“How many White people
do you know that can
speak Indigenous languages?”

“Don’t hold me responsible
for what happened in the past
I didn’t do it…”

But, I’ve heard you say
you hate Japs and Chinks
because of what they did
to your grand father in Burma
and your uncle in Vietnam…
“They’ve taken my guns
I’ve done nothing wrong”
“Yeah, but seriously
you buy all your meat
at Safeway; do you even
know how to skin a Rabbit?”

“Those wankers in Bali
all addicts they’ are all gonna
die anyway”

“You always say just
as you open another beer can”
“It’s all a Halali conspiracy
to take away our freedoms
It’s a conspiracy against
us normal caring people”
“Would you be saying that
if it was Kocher?”

“And it wasn’t that long ago
that serving red meat
on Friday was a cardinal sin?”

“Treating me like a prisoner
like a slave in my country”

“How is it our country?
impaling a pristine landscape
with an Imperial flag
does not sovereignty make”

“If I stole your new car
and changed the license plates
wouldn’t you want it back
and fight me for a very long time
until you were reimbursed or at least
treated with some dignity and respect? “

So tell me what is so Damned patriotic
about using the flag as a weapon?
Or as a cape, or a hood, or even a turban?
Australians for Australians ay?

Any of you got English, Scottish, Irish,
German, Flemish or Welsh blood?
so forty thousand years of connection
doesn’t make you an Australian?

So inform me of your WILL?
Inform me, educate me
as to why you’re better than
a death cult who prey on the vulnerable,
the dis-enfranchised, the dejected, the lonely
and the frustrated—on the deep dark web
in the middle of the night, find an answer
to belonging by driving a car full of explosives
killing innocents, just to be counted in
a number.

Whatever happened to the Welcome Stranger?
The largest Gold nugget ever found?
Whatever happened to, ‘for those who’ve come
across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share?”

Whatever happened to the city of old?
Whose streets were paved with gold?
So tell me what are Australian values?
Christian? Secular? American?
Bogan? Westie? Middle-class?
upper-class? No class?
Praying? Not drinking?
No Pork?

What is it you fear the most?

Whatever happened to the Welcome Stranger?
The largest Gold nugget ever found?
Whatever happened to, ‘for those who’ve come
across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share?”

That bejeweled city of Old,
where the streets were paved with gold?