Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Taste Of A Woman (part 1) James WF Roberts NSFW (R RATED)

The Taste Of A Woman (part 1)
James WF Roberts

Everything you don’t say,
makes me feel this way.
say it with your eyes
you say it with your smile,
all you want is my face
trapped between your thighs

My cock in your cunt
will be the last resort
there are so many more rides
at the amusement park of
Un-earthly delights.

I know what’s gonna make you sing
something so beautiful about the flesh and sin,
first I kiss your mouth, then I suck on your lips
exploring your body, with my fingertips.

Then I kiss and suck on your neck for a while,
I know what you like—I know what you need,
and what you want

There’s nothing more sexy than the word
breasts—knockers, boobies, tits—that’s what
a child wants. You’re a woman, I’m a man,
I just want your breasts—kiss, lick and suck
on your nipples, not like a man starving
but a man whose never quite found the meal
he’s always needed.

You whisper in my ear.
"Bite me hard.  Fucking devour
my tit”.
Your heart’s trembling, neither of us can deny,
we’re both having a fit.
Can’t you feel me now,
can’t you feel my fingers gently
rubbing on your clit.

Your eyes are wide
I know that soon
you’ll want me deep inside,
your hands are exploring my body,
you have my belt unbuckled
and my jeans unzipped.

I move down to your navel
flick my tongue in and out of your belly button
Just a prelude to the main event.
You grab my head, pull my hair
you moan, your body arches,
you massage my ears
as I stick my tongue in, just a little,
little bit.

“Fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me with your mouth,
stick it in baby, all the fucking way. I want to feel your breath
on my slit”.

So how does a woman taste?
Is it a scent or a memory, or pure joy?
Like roses in bloom? Lilies or citrus fruit?
Champagne or salty and intoxicating…

My tongue moves between your cunt and your arse. 
I make no distinction.
“Every hole a goal” I drink out the words I say.
You purr.

“Where did you learn how to eat a woman like that?”
you almost tear my ears off, you reach another peak
the further one goes, the more you seek, the deeper you are in…
I am so far in, am up to my chin.
I can tell you’re almost there.
you’re convulsing, writing all over the place,
you’re fucking my tongue as you cum all
over my face.
You say, "I'm such a tease..."

The deeper I go in your cunt, the more your body arches.
You’re gasping for air-
you beg me to fuck you.

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