Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Forty Years Ago Today (The Dismissal) James WF Roberts

Forty Years Ago Today (The Dismissal)
© 11/11/2015
James WF Roberts

Forty years ago today,
Armistice Day, 1975
how close did we come to
blood and bullets on the street ?
Doctor Jim and Junie frolicking
naked on the grounds;
sacked and disgraced
Treasurer and rival. Shonky loans,
Free education for all,
hubris and no fault divorce
women’s rights and indigenous
Crash through or crash trying,
buy back the farm, only to see
illegal deals, Attorney-General
raiding the secret service,
US phone taps—revenge for pulling
out of Vietnam?

Why didn't the saviour save the Balibo five?
Minerals and Yom Kippur war, oil and energy
embargoes, Timor gap half owned by us
and Indonesia…
The dark prince Rupert,
the lord of ink, print, social media,
supported the rise of  the maverick into power
and gleefully took it from him…

Forty years ago today,
power swings, too and fro,
every action creates another
reaction, equally as fierce…
Was it legal?
was it moral?

Many people don’t believe
in G-d, but just as
many don’t believe in Gough….
IF he could walk on water?

Why was he positively slaughtered
in the next two elections….

After twenty-three years in opposition
barely four years in power,
is it what he did?
or what he could have done that
make all those young kids kiss his tapestry
at Bella union,
like the infirmed, the desperate
and the devoted at Lourdes
 every time they pass?

Forty years ago today,
did  a great men fall?
a legend began….

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