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#NotOneMoreChild-Calling for volunteers to help Children of sexual abuse....


A very well timed and very sadly much needed movement is putting child sexual abuse in the national discourse as something that should be discussed and, crucially, resolved. This hits close to home and is extremely important to a lot of people.  Please read for details below but to put it short and sweet they are looking for photographers and videographers to help everyone involved get the word out and help on the day of the event. From what I understand there maybe a blog being erected online for people to post messages and possibly poems, but you will have to keep your eyes and ears out for that one.
Project Name: #NotOneMoreChild
Project Date: 2 August 2 2015
Project Location: Parliament House (speeches), along Collins St (marching), down Swanson Street (marching) and Federation Square (concert)- all in Melbourne!

History of the project:
#NotOneMoreChild is a campaign that grew out of a project proposal, conceptualised during a three-month personal development program, to make a tangible and positive change in the community.
Child sexual abuse is an ongoing blight on Australian society. It's frequently disguised by either complicity or cultural ignorance - individual and institutional.

To be involved contact Rebecca Lee at

As recently as 1993, one in three girls and one in six boys were expected to be the victims of sexual assault before turning 18.
In 1999, an ABS survey revealed only 38 per cent of victims reported their abuse because they were too young, wished to protect the offender or were worried they would not be believed.
In 2010, research on child sexual abuse found that unless they experience it first hand, Australians rate petrol prices, public transport, and roads as issues of greater concern - and, most concerning, 1 in 3 Australians would not believe children if they disclosed that they were being sexually abused.
To address this great Australian disparity, #NotOneMoreChild was born to throw light onto this issue.
Originally called Shine, through march, protest, spoken word, music and community engagement, #NotOneMoreChild will expose child sexual abuse nationally. It will promote discussion and collectively responsibility. It will be without fear or favour.
#NotOneMoreChild is for street fundraisers who wish to contribute their talents towards an immensely worthwhile and selfless project, delivering tangible, concrete, world change to those currently without a voice. #NotOneMoreChild is for musicians, food makers, orators, and people of any background, age and gender - all participants are valued as individuals, according to their merits, abilities and potential.
Why we get out out of bed for #NotOneMoreChild - and why you should too:
We see a very real opportunity to do things better - to disrupt the status quo. By launching #NotOneMoreChild, we are putting child sexual abuse in the national discourse as something that should be discussed and, crucially, resolved.
#NotOneMoreChild campaign is aiming to end child sexual abuse as a taboo topic in Australia. We can only do this by dealing with the issue from inside the community.
Intentions for the future of the project:
Following our march and charity concert in Melbourne's CBD on 2 August 2015:
Expand the event nationwide;
Use the power of the media and the power of our speakers to encourage decision makers to acknowledge the prevalence and the impact of child sexual abuse;
Unite to alleviate the suffering of victims of child sexual abuse through policy, funding and support networks.
How you can help out:
Primarily by becoming a partner and joining the Australian Childhood Foundation as a supporter, and regular donation partner here -> <link to donate here page>
After you have signed up for as much as you feel is fair, you can contribute in many ways:
media liaison;
photography & videography;
graphic and multimedia design;
fundraising - face-to-face on the day and pre/post event;
social media management.

We're also open to suggestions of other ways in which you can contribute.

If this seems like you - and you'd like to find out more information - please don’t hesitate to reach out to our campaign director

Michael Sunderland at or on 0448 972 591.

- Bravehearts fact sheet:…/Facts%20and%20Stats_update…
- CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault) factsheet:
- Australian Childhood Foundation home page:
Kind Regards,
Michael Sunderland
Acquisitions Manager

Balfour Development Group

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