Sunday, 8 February 2015

Legacy of Light.. Nivedita Lakhera

Legacy of Light...

By Niv

Leave me legacy of light
That climbs from your heart
& shines through my eyes
As elegant North Star
& also know the touch of you
Has wrapped my Sufi soul
In safe heaven of memories
& that's where I belong...


Nivedita Lakhera

Born and brought up midst words in New Delhi, I was passionate about dance, science, literature, music and arts. I have been writing since I got hold of speaking in full sentences. Trained as a MD Internal Medicine, I have been satisfying passion of caring for people via science, As I choose to care for soul through poetry and arts! For me compassion and beauty will be the most sacred & honest guiding force in life while arts, literature, music most rewarding & forgiving companion… Hope you enjoy slice of my soul – my poems…

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