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New release from Red Wolf Press Australia Sisyphus. Du Profundis part 3:

Sisyphus. Du Profundis part 3:

New release from Red Wolf Press Australia Sisyphus. Du Profundis part 3.

Well 2014 is almost at an end, and some changes have come to Red Wolf Press Australia. For starters we are no longer affiliated or have anything more  to do;
so people interested in submitting have to submit directly to the website not via the station anymore. 

About this book:
Following on in the tradition of Whitman’s Song of my self (leaves of Grass) Oscar Wilde’s Du Profundis and Charles Baudelaire’s  Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil); this final work, final movement in the poetic grand narrative, Roberts began with The Preludes, continued with Many Truths of an Absurd Nature, part three Sisyphus, takes us into the mind of an artist running out of steam.  This is an existential crisis in a transgressive, post-modernist age.   This collection is made up of a series of individual poems, fragments, observations and laments all connected by an over arching themes of loss, misery, addiction, abuse, suicide, murder, revenge, evolution, hopeless of the spirit, the hope of the human spirit, death, new life, eroticism, poetry and metaphysics—all connected under the theme of Fin de si├Ęcle (the end of an era—and the hope that new beginnings create better things). Told from the point of view of a man on the edge of all things—is this a long confessional poem arguing for and against suicide? Or is it a reprieve?  Is Satan on the shoulder of our poet testing him, teasing him or pushing him towards his final resolve?
Sisyphus is a King in Greek Mythology, whose arrogance and hubris so maligns Zeus and the Children of Olympus that he is forced to push a boulder up a mountain for eternity never reaching the apex.
The Myth of Sisyphus, is a watershed and a personally inspiring book by philosopher Albert Camus, Sisyphean Philosopher—a person who sees the follies of their life fully acknowledges the fact that they continually do the same things in their life and expect a different result.

James WF Roberts, former radio announcer, performance poet and writer. Self-published books include: Ten Poems (Red Wolf Press 2013) The Preludes (Red Wolf Press 2014) Many Truths of an Absurd Nature (2014)...other books include, Blue Electric Dusk (Numen books 2013), Awards: Short Listed 2012-2014 Fermoy International Poetry prize (Ireland). Runner Up Page Seventeen poetry prize 2012. Highly Commended John Shaw Nielson prize 2009/10   Fellowship of Australian Writers.
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