Thursday, 6 November 2014

To Laura: On our First Night By Nicholas Foreman

To Laura: On our First Night

By Nicholas Foreman

On our first night
There’s no air between us
When your naked skin is so close
To mine

Your breast, my palm
My lips behind your ear
Our legs tangled like the roots of
Spring trees

I feel so small
Your touch could devour me
So I’d crawl inside the cracks in
Your lips

Lying content
Silk sheets entwine your form
Like a tissue wrapped around a
Red rose

In the ink night
Your cold skin warms my soul
I want to know all about you

Your hands,
They tell stories
The nightmares of your past.
Holding mine, I put your worst fears
To bed

And bone weary            
But how can I sleep now?
When the one girl I dream about
Is you.

I ask
What’s in between
You and me; particles
Language doesn’t know it but we,
We do.

These words
Could not have lived
If it weren’t for this night
Your exposed body, my canvas
My muse

Our love
On our first night
Will be our last because;
We can never have another
Like this

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