Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Preludes 1-20 on Phoenix Fm

James WF Roberts reads from his new collection, the Preludes, he reads Preludes 1-20

These fifty short poetic preludes, sketches, form the beginning of a larger opus I have spent a very long time perfecting, called the Du Profundis, (from the depths). These preludes are introductions, the breath, the idea before the words, of this larger work. They encapsulate my current philosophical, artistic, spiritual and intellectual ideals. They began simply as ten preludes, ten short sketches to a very dear friend of mine recovering from surgery after a near fatal car accident, and they have developed into their own living breathing major work. There are two more parts to this creation, Many Truths to an Absurd Nature is the immediate follow up to this collection, with an entirely different tone and style. These fifty pieces also represent my work at its most accessible, memorable and picturesque.

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