Sunday, 2 November 2014

Submission ~ Elaine Wood

Submission~ Elaine Wood

My eyes fly open and I’m face to face with a fully ready-for-business Quan. “Close your eyes!” He whispers his command and I immediately comply. My senses are now reeling. Is this real or is this still part of an incredible dream? I’m not sure and, does it really matter? The feelings I’m experiencing are unthinkable! I am flipped over on my belly and still my eyes are closed. I listen intently and my other senses are on alert. I can smell his male scent; a mix of his natural scent and his cologne. 

His hands are kneading my muscles and caressing my skin, eliciting the most exquisite responses and my moans grow in intensity. 

Sensing my growing need, he whispers close to my ear, “Shhhhhh, slow it down just a little, we have all night.” I breathe deeply and roll my head from side to side to loosen the muscles in my neck while he showers my spine with the softest kisses; barely perceptible. 

I just notice that my hands are still overhead but unrestricted. I turn over and sit up, wrapping my arms around his neck all while keeping my eyes shut. This sensation of not being able to see is creating a heightened sense of anticipation in me. He sits back on his heels and pulls me into his lap. My legs wrap around his waist. It seems like I have the upper hand for the moment; something I’m not afraid of at all.

I hear his breath draw inward as my thighs make contact with his skin. I let my lips and tongue do their own exploring; they find a sensitive spot. His nipples immediately respond to my touch and receive a thorough tongue bath. I pull my legs behind me and gently push him to a reclining position so I may be the hunter.

“Are your eyes closed?” I ask him huskily between kisses in the darkened room.
“They are now,” he answers. He lowers his head in search of a nipple to satisfy his sucking impulse. His exploration is rewarded with the prize he seeks and the nipple grows in response to his expert ministrations. I am determined to not let him turn the tables back on me; I want to maintain control for a little longer. 

Taking both hands I find my own prize between his legs and proceed to gently power stroke his manhood. He releases his suction-grip with his lips and lets out a low groan. This is all the encouragement I need to slide down his thighs and replace my hands with my mouth and am rewarded with an immediate hiss escaping his lips. I feel his entire body immediately tense up followed by a complete relaxation of all his muscles. This is my cue to “latch on” as they say and enjoy the ride. I power grip his steel pole and flip around so I’m facing his feet and my honey pot is poised for his sweet kiss. 

He doesn’t disappoint at all. His expert tongue darts out and greets his waiting conquest. One taste is all it takes. One taste and the chemical reaction unleashes that which he struggles to keep under control. The demon within is loosed and enticed beyond reasoning. There can be only one outcome; complete and total submission. “Take me monster! I've been waiting for you. Aaaahhhhh!”

Elaine Wood is married with three children. She and her family live in Jacksonville, FL where she is a full time teacher, full time mother, and in her spare time she writes. Elaine was born in Jamaica, New York but moved suburban Long Island at the age of five. A transplant from Long Island, New York to Florida at the age of 27, Elaine homeschooled her three daughters and was very involved in Girl Scouts for 17 years. After her volunteer work ended Lainey found she had plenty of time on her hands. That's when the writing bug struck. She began writing poetry and short stories but soon found she needed more of a challenge, Tatiana's Chance is Elaine Wood's debut novel and the first book of the Tatiana series. She is currently working on the second book in the Tatiana series, which will be released at the end of 2014. Check out more of Lainey's work on her author page at and her blog at

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