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Kill me with your mouth © James WF Roberts

Kill me with your mouth
© James WF Roberts
14th September 2013

Kill my with your mouth
burn me with your eyes,
kill me with your mouth;
praise me with your body.
But, oh please kill me with your mouth.

Speak no lies to me.
Devious heart and deceitful tongues,
will always freeze the beckoning flames.
But, I beg of you, kill me with your mouth,
the shudder of my breath—the electricity
of your touch, the shyness of the embrace,
the power of our restraining lust—just kill me.

Please—just kill me with your mouth
soft meadows of that dream realm,
are calling to you over and over again,
the line of friend and confidante,
blurs with confessor and co-conspirator.

Blushing moon speaks no lies;
bruised and black soul,
wandering—so lost. So wanting…

Just kill me with your mouth.
Never kill me with that blank stare,
body twisted, crooked yet standing tall,
floating between consciousness and the
Emerald Bar.
Don’t talk of the days of past,
or the dreams of tomorrow,
close the door, bolt the lock,
on all those memories of the deepest.
Deepest sorrows.

Don’t think of the winter,
just dream of the spring.
Wide eyed fears forgotten,
just listen to my voice,
feel my touch—

and just kill me with your mouth.

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