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Home Sweet Home (this is an excerpt only from my soon to be completed Erotic Horror Poery Collection, City Noir). James WF Roberts

Home Sweet Home (this is an excerpt only from my soon to be completed Erotic Horror Poery Collection, City Noir).

A bisexual male ex cop turned gumshoe is on the hunt for a missing teenage girl. Drugs, bisexuality, vampirism, graphic sexuality and violence in a book all in poetics. Our Hero returns home from hospital and his first day on the job, after his first accidental encounter with a vampiric serial killer. 

 James WF Roberts 

Home sweet Home!

hours minutes
seconds days
in China town, now
nearly home..

Typed the code
the door opens
the emptiness of my apartment mocks me
as it always does
when I get home
from a night out
or a night on the job.
hours minutes
seconds days

No sound.
Drab mid afternoon light
smudged by thick curtains
made the lounge room
and the kitchenette
like some tomb hidden from the world
dishes still in the sink
I hadn’t clean the ashtray
or opened a window in days

couldn’t remember the
last time I was here
still so groggy from the hospital
all those stupid, inane questions
from the Coppers, from the press…
how long had I been walking those
streets for a night?
A day?
Half an hour?

fall over the couch
open the half empty
bottle of Johnnie Walker
i’m at home now.

Kick off my shows
open throw off my coat
open my shirt
and drink as much
as I can swallow

drift off to an aimless
dreamless sleep

* * *
don’t know when I woke up
but something must have startled me
a noise, a click, a banging door

the windows were open so were the blinds
I could see the millions of burning eyes
pin pricks in the night from the city.

Who the fuck is in my house?

Languidly I get up from the couch,
stumbling in the dark
my hands have gripped a long
thin shaft
a candelabra

Cops tailing me?
the killer out for another shot?

Movement from the bathroom,
lights flicker on and off, on
then stay off

heart’s pounding,
still felt so whoosy
I’m in the bedroom
candlestick raised high

whisper in my ear
“Candlestick in your hand,
or you’re just excited to see me?”

I feel those hands running down my chest
I shiver. Hands inside my shirt,
sliding down to the wasitband,
soft, lips on my neck
in seconds i’m naked,
falling onto the bed

hands rolling around
eachother’s backs,
breast upon breast,
tongues interlocking
Hard abs, muscled arms above my head,
pinning me into the dark silk sheets
of my bed, a chilling wind swept in from a window
nipples as hard as pebbles.
That deep, dark scent
of sweat, and gym,
expensive cosmetics
strong hands massaging
my scalp, running through my hair
squeezing and almost ripping clumps out
stradling my chest, strong thighs either side

strong tone whispered in my ear
“Where you been? You didn’t call?”
I ignored the question for now. Too many questions
on my mind, too many answers I didn’t wanna give
to the Cops.
With my teeth I pulled down his boxers
he moved us as one,
I licked his feet, he licked mine,
I almost laughed,
as I moved like a frightened a child in the night
kissed my way north,
Lips walking, tongue sliding up
strong hairless legs.
We had ceased being different
entities long ago.
Hard rod brushed my face
we had found eachother’s mouths again
he kissed down my body
as I held the back of his strong head,
his sweet smelling hair
felt like rose petals
his mouth around my cock

in the darkness I could imagine
his imploring dark eyes
the uplift of my blade measured
his tantalizing tongue
luring me into the garden
of Unearthly delights
Volcanic heat rising
together as one
engorged and alive

he retreated softly
we’re now face to face
guiding his tongue
back into my mouth
his body my salvation
his scent my promise
of a new beginning
head spinning again
swords interlocking
as he was on top
grinding, meat against meat

my legs raised by his hand
glorious penetrating thrust
pierced my vulnerable heart
losing all thoughts of misery
of death
of this shitty day
his footballer strength
held me in place,
his young lithe body
my tonic for all the evils of
of my world…

my only desire
was his pleasure
I whispered, almost semi-consciously,
like the benedict in prayer
“Lead me, use me, breed me, fuck me,
destroy me…save me”.

He was about to take me
properly, deeply
passionately when our world
was came tumbling down…

the intercom, burst our bubble
his manager, and his wife—again
at my door,
demanding to see their meal ticket.

Sometimes felt guilty
that neither me nor he
ever faced the realities
of what we were doing
he was worth a fortune
famous, young, handsome
All Australian Champion
married, to a harpy (ex-model)
with dollar sign eyes
meal ticket designs
she hated me long before she knew
i was fucking her husband
ruined her career
leaked the pictures of the porn
she was doing…ah that was a fun day
a hundred thousand good reasons
to be alive that day
all that money
drunk, snorted, injected
pissed up against the wall
long ago

I tuned out
they argued in the hallway
where I live
everyone mind’s their own business
they all knew what I was, who I used to be

domesticity wasn’t my life
nor did I ever want it
#@&%$ had beautiful
intelligent kids
he loved them
more than he loved the harpy
more than he loved me…

that was fine
that was his job
to love his kids
to loathe his wife
and to use me anyway he wanted
we both equally used each other
for each other’s bodies
for each other’s company…
amazing how much solace
one can find in a willing,
young, agile body…

Muffled arguments,
all the usual threats,
bores the fuck out of me.
I put my mouth around the
eletronic vaporiser
sucked up the weed
I got from a Cop at the local lock up.
“Keep this bullshit charade up,
we’ll go to the papers”

“You can’t take my kids off me…
gay sports star versus an ex-porn star…
who do ya think the court would grant custody”

“You wouldn’t dare?..come home at once”.

“Make me”
he walks in guilt stained all over his face
I know what his gonna say…
I tell him just to leave tonight
we’ll speak later…

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  1. Awesome. Extremely erotic and very HOT.. Love it!!!!