Thursday, 6 November 2014

Gobsmacked by Gene Barry


I gawked at the multitude of wrinkles
Ploughed into her face,
Aghast at each furrow’s contents,
Its depth and appropriateness;
Numbed by my ignorance
Of how and when they arrived,

I searched for the unwrinkled
Version of her, unsuccessfully,
So with Olympian courage
I dived into them,
Arriving gobsmacked
On seeing them bottomless and full.

I swam with ease mid stream,
Introducing myself repeatedly
Through crescendos of laughter
To toothless babies and
Through pools of sadness
To grieving pities.

Woman, mother, lover, friend.
The largest room in our house
She was,
She held us all.

©Gene Barry

No Family Tree’ (2008).

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