Thursday, 6 November 2014

From Du Profundis. James WF Roberts

......The problem with all philosophies, is that though they all expand your mind, elevate your soul and help you see the world in ways most people could ever understand; they offer very little in the problems, the complexities of day to day living; especially with loving, caring and understanding the people who are closet to you. Without philosophy becoming dogma, or used as instrument of the party politic, of organised religion and cultish, sadistic extremists, one is pretty much left to live a horrid life if you are both a philosopher and a poet, or philosopher/artist etc. You are destined to create your own Sisyphean tragedy, with an extremely minute cast who keep coming back into your life no matter how much you love each other, or care are care about one another, the die is cast and the stakes are never in your favour. From the final Epistle, Du Profundis. James WF Roberts

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