Thursday, 30 October 2014

Schaden-freude James WF Roberts

James WF Roberts

We break each other down, to our DNA.
Our megabytes our data-codes;
Scrambled across the aether of conformity.

Nights of milk and honey,
Morning sin the tide of lazy beautiful.
Gazing at the world through eyes of a child,
Ye tfrom your truth, I can never hide.

Imprisoned by your smile,
Moon blushes over the open wounds of our past.
Broken bed bleeds so many secrets,
As shadows sprawl from under the door.

Why do you float like a feather,
in and out of my life, but never fully within my grasp…

Upon the mists of time the shore of reality,
meaninglessness loosing all its merits,
while our bodies are busy, keeping time.

Weeping clocks and spaced couch potato junkie-worlds
 lead us into the fray once again.

On the rack, I’m bound and gagged as you
Twist and turn the wheel over and over again.
I watch you burn my whole soul is weeping bloody tears of joy.
Passionless embraces after we fuck the essence out of life,
only makes us want for more.

The way your body moves it makes me cry.
G-d’s perfection in your breast.
Your nakedness is the truest from of glory….
Have my words touched your soul have
my rhymes touched your heart will
 I end up on the scrap heap once you’ve had your fill,
 Burn me, break me, leave me, tear me all apart…

Willyou be my bloodied valentine?
your torso decomposing on the altar of my inner—bitter sweet torment,
schaden-freude romance lingers on—bloodied roses we now lie,
as the sky dome reveals her lies, self-inflicted voodoo doll,
crucifying yourself, day and night.
I gorge myself in quest for the taste of flesh, the insatiable

 desire, we’re both burning from

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