Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Poems ECHO OF YOU

Halloween Poems

Not really a big of Halloween, basically because I am an Aussie and it's not really our thing, however much the American mono-culture is invading every facet of our lives, regardless here a couple of my pieces inspired by the master of the Gothic, the tragic, the lovelorn, the macabre and the desolate, Edgar Allen Poe. So here is one of poems, Highly Commended in fellowship of Australian Writers, John Shaw Nielson prize 2009/10 and published in the spirit of Poe anthology 2011. Performed by John McCullough and RMIT in 2010/11

James WF Roberts

i feel it again
your lingering scent
flooding thru the room

lips trembling at the thought
of that warmth that awoke
so much inside
 a cold shallow stone

on the pavement I see your shadow,
your reflection in every shop window
your face in every drink i have

your imprint on the bed
your body covered in red—
where have you gone?
i scream in the depths of  night
when I dream
when I came home late
no noise.
 no TV
 no freshly brewed coffee.

the house a mess—
worse than usual
just silence—
that  i  can never forget

 masked man
pointing at me
as he jumped out the window
your last gargling breath

 i held you in my shaking arms—
the knife on the bed. red
 red everywhere.
they never tell you about the red—the stains that just don’t leave.
the flashing lights
those stupid questions.
 repeated over again
those looks of suspicion
friends. families. strangers alike
never quite trusting; nor believing from then.

all this happens in this
dark and haunted room
as I close my eyes and smile now,
at the echo of you

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