Thursday, 3 July 2014

Together Alone James WF Roberts

Together Alone
James WF Roberts
Tonight we sleep the sleep
of the heroic and the overly exhausted.
Too much on our minds, and we toss and turn together
but separated by the tyranny of distance and head space.
Soft embrace of the pillow
and the glowing body
under too many blankets,
hiding from the darkness
and the void, where shadows and memories
linger in the corners of perception.

The womb of night should hold no horrors
and be void of all known sorrows,
but our dreams are our thoughts and fears, desires
and hopes, given voice and self-awareness.

Tonight I sleep alone,
all the better after silly childish
phone conversations, two brilliant
travellers, travelling together alone
all at once.

Perhaps the road will lead us to where we need to be...

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