Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Cost of Yellow by Michael Dickel (Israel)

The Cost of Yellow

I know there's a war going on,
but yellow flowers cover trees
in the parking lot as I pull in.
True, missiles shatter lives
while destroying buildings, but
fallen petals cover the tarmac
with a fairy-yellow glow. Yes,
sirens send us underground
while rocket's dread flares,
and these too crash
stupendously, but the
sea air waves a soft, humid
blanket spread out by
soothing breezes. So
easily I forget the price
of wind, the cost of yellow;
so hard to forget the lone
cry of a carrion crow
perched high in the tree
with sharp eyes turned
toward the horizon.

Dr. Michael (Dickel) Dekel
Bar Ilan University
Dept. of English Literature
HaKibbutzim College of Education
EAP and English Education Depts.

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