Thursday, 17 July 2014

Scripture, the Missing Verse ::.Darkness...

Scripture, the Missing Verse ::.

The life you live is wasted trying to survive,
you still find hatred
Why, a life, must be hated is because there's a missing verse in the scripture.
Earth's scripture,
the missing verse bleeds a soul without
hope of another tomorrow Life journeys a family
in chaos Without much to g
main innocent lives sleep in bane
It is not a matter of reduction at all,
but—perversely—of expansion, the aleatory
flutter of uncontrolled, metastatic
growth with teary eyed emotions colliding like planets
Worldly thoughts infiltrate the mind wind, fire,
trees and all riches combined
Can't put the mind to rest the missing verse,
in life's scripture feeds on the soul
Planets and galaxies are just minor formalities,
not a whole solvent
To fix the missing verse for betterment so as one begins
to slip and slide to the deepest of depths
A tongue of words, body of actions ran over
peaks Crevices and in mines...
Scripture, the missing verse,
still a want in life-lines.

By Poet Samcilla Baakojr

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