Thursday, 31 July 2014

Home Alone © S.J Warner 2014.

Home Alone

He sat watching by remote
Via a security system that was bespoke
He had wondered what she would do
If left alone for a hour or two
He had left her frustrated
Only His passion sated

The morning before He had answered the call
Watching as her face became so appalled
So now He sat watching as she wondered the rooms
Could tell by her face that her frustration had bloomed
Into something much more

The wicked grin on her face said she would even the score
Watched as she entered His study
Running her hand over furniture with no hurry
Walking over to His favourite chair

It was then that He became completely aware
Of what she had planned
Her intent He did understand
As she slipped off the robe
Her beautiful flesh exposed

His body reacting
At what He knew was happening
Watching as she got comfortable
Legs draping thinking she was untouchable
He groaned with need to command
As He watched the trail of her hand

Caressing soft flesh
Her movements showing her passion for all things burlesque
Removing her pearls
She began to run and twirl
Them down her torso,
Her naked mound and her legs also
Leaving them laying over her legs
Pointing her toes as her body flexed
With sensations found

As her hand found her mound
He watched as she ground
Her fingers against the spot she had found
Writhing, gyrating
The pearls vibrating
As passion took a grip
And her honey began to drip
Onto the fine upholstery
Her actions He knew were retaliatory
His blood raced
Wanting to put her in her place
But when He watched as she shattered
All other thoughts no longer mattered
His little one had tried
And failed
The test that He had placed
And He could not wait to teach her once more His rules about mistakes
Still He sat watching by remote

Via a security system so bespoke
Waiting for the right moment
To punish her for her encroachment...
© S.J Warner 2014.

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