Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Bird Is Half Empty By Nick Foreman

the bird is half empty

Its 5:30 in the morning
& i don’t want to go back to sleep.
I’m scared ill begin to think about all my troubles.
So as i lie here,
i can hear the birds chirping.

Most believe the birds are singing.
A celebration of being alive
& ready for a new day.
At 5:30 in the morning they just couldn’t wait
to wake & rejoice.
After all
the early bird gets the worm.

But what if these high pitched notes are that of waling rather than singing?

Perhaps the bird hates sunlight.
Perhaps the bird prefers darkness.
Perhaps the bird realizes how shit his life is,
for as the sun rises through the clouds
he remembers how low  D
        the order of power he is.
Darkness allows the bird to exist
without fear or troubles.

Or perhaps the bird is observant
Aware we humans rise when the sun comes out.
And as soon as we wake
The bird begs for attention!
For perhaps the bird is being stalked
or on the run from a killer
& by shouting outside our windows
there’s a glimmer of hope we might look out and help him.

Perhaps the bird is dying.
Every day that bird outside your window,
is a new one.
Different from the day before.
Wouldn’t you wail in pain
or shout your last words if you were dying?

Perhaps the bird is always singing
But we never pay attention.
For it’s only in the morning we realise
because we are selfish
& grumpy from being disrupted
 our precious sleep.

Perhaps we underestimate the bird’s importance
or made a mistake in research.
Perhaps the birds have been awake all night
causing havoc & chaos.
Giving humans something to fix.
Something to repair.
A reason for living.
The birds chirping is just a signal
to all the birds surrounding
that their work for the night is done.
Get some sleep.

I guess it’s just my interpretation of things.
Glass half full half empty kind of thing.

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