Thursday, 5 June 2014

Panic-attack girl Debbie Lee

Debbie Lee
She ran into bricks,
Sweet and low,

How about 20 milligrams
Of Carbamazepine?
Talking too fast, but
Who would know?

Sweet and oh so low,
She is a panic-attack girl,
Anxious and unfathomable,
Crying, tired and unstable.

For her brain,
She craves silence.
For her life,
She longs for distance.

Without words,
She wants to fly away.
Soaring without anything,

Alone in the song,
Colours now pastel.
She feels battered, war-weary.
Not even a soldier.

Panic-attack girl - First published on the Pink Panther Magazine blog [12 June 2011]

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