Thursday, 12 June 2014

Extreme by James Downs

“We’re all going crazy, but some of us are havin’ fun”~~Treme’

Stains up to here and here
A fever marked chart of what
Flushed through and swept some
Of us away for good…more like ill
Walls are spotted with the mark
Of the wave…an evil plague of
Neglect and worse…they didn’t
Care how we got out of town
Row Vs Wade

If they’d only showed they’d
Cared…at all…we would have
Taken it forwrd…some left in
Disgust at our marginalization
Puttin’ it down to the greed
That guides everything in this
Country…but there was some
Thing even more insidious…
They wanted us to go ahead
And either get out or die…get
Out…or Die…who hell they to
Say our lives are not worth the
Plug nickel they have so little
Spent on us…so you know what

We did it
All ourselves…oh we can’t bring
Back the dead or those who left for
Ever…but we can bring the rest of us
Back…and we’ll show them what true
Gentility means…we help each other
Rebuild our lives…and we’re gonna
Have a second line and dance and
Sing…laugh and bring the water
To a real boil

James Downs
Nine years this August since Hurricane Katrina

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