Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dark Eyes (erotic) James WF Roberts

Dark Eyes
James WF Roberts

Dark eyes
of midnight
your mouth glistens
like wet leather...
Am I your prey tonight?

Lips touch lip
skin consumed by tongue.
Moth to the flame
I am now.

We danced around desire,
a hundred times, just being
near you sets me on fire.
We embrace in the darkness,
your engorged nipples
rubbing against the fabric
of my shirt.
Hands upon my neck
you push me into the wall
your legs like a vice around my waist,
you whisper in my ear, '

Take me here. Take me now'
You are naked to the world,
my jeans around my knees...
You devour my ear, you bite my lobe,
you are such a cruel yet wondrous tease.

In the lamplight I see your flickering grin,
your dark eyes have seduced me,
your probing lips have consumed me once more...