Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cheers to silence by Nick Foreman

Cheers to silence by Nick Foreman 

how do you record dialogue
hear the joy pain & sorrow in a voice
understand emotion and language of the world
when you hate people?
when the only voice you hear is yours
reminding you your still alive.

when a disaster happens 
all i can think of
is how long it will take 
for people to stop talking about it.

save me printed word
give company to me & my scotch
in this dark silent room
are you my friend?
i read your pages that wreak
of ash 
& whisky
& i want another taste

While the world is put behind my bedroom door
my saviour is brought by the drunks & lonely men
may we meet & share a drink & talk

Or maybe not 

I'm 26, studying with hopes of being a social worker. Started writing poetry first year out of high school after discovery "the doors".  I'm influenced by the beats. I believe poetry helps analyse and clarify my everyday self inventory and existence.  Nick Foreman. 

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