Thursday, 10 April 2014

Your Sweetness Lingers

Your Sweetness Lingers

flying with you

was the gentlest dream ride

diamond and alabaster

Stanley Park nights

Celtic trees and cold air

your body keeping me warm

scent of cedar

moonlit snowflakes

flickering across

the tips of the boughs

your eyelashes caressing my face

in friendship openness

the spark of your lips

stirring my desire          

like peppermint tea

tingling through my insides                                                          

like dipping our toes

in the ocean

and not being scared

to go all the way in


lonely for our conversations

the frosted pine

on the mountain

wait with me

i am longing

to laugh with you

spinning ‘round the forest

in your arms

to love you again

in earth memory

By Cynthia Sharp

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