Thursday, 10 April 2014

Poetry Month Thirty Day Challenge Poem number # 2 Shards of Light Penetrate… (James WF Roberts) (C) 2014

Poetry Month Thirty Day Challenge Poem number # 2Shards of Light Penetrate… (James WF Roberts)
(C) 2014

Shards of light penetrate my solitude.
Shadows in the corner, grief-stricken clown, 
bitten off tongue sitting rocking back and forth on my bed.
Dark eyes—tell me the world’s gonna end.
Watching the rain beating down, upon my window pane.
Can’t you see eternity in the drops of water—
universe in a grain of sand.

Spreading her hands upon the table of night
the maiden burns a thousand paper
memories into the fires of fate…..
Time slides out of view,

when I’m lying next to you.
Clouds fall upon the dawn.

Sky might fall tonight,
but being here with you,
I know I shall be re-born.
Too many words in our language
too many phrase, too many deceits.
Too many wasted words—for commercials
and for cinematic television events—

where have the words of love now gone?

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