Thursday, 17 April 2014

Penthouse Permutations by Frank Lardo

Penthouse Permutations by Frank Lardo

Expatriation into
boldness and coldness.
How dishes of chipped
bone porcelain nick
and kink into flesh.

Love surfaces
and loft services
like Perignon flood
Sheen of varying
figure -
passionately printed flesh
on Japan Black

Crosswalk crosstalk
among antigens
and neurons,
encourage, yet,
another magnetic
tape reel of
case study gawk
and elephantine
cigar chews and
mulling of mulberry
wine conference.

Excess? Apt abscess.
Spacious? Void euphemism.
Collapsing of
a heart's lung -
a heart's asphyxia.
Trapesing blindingly
aside wenches -
dagger play awaits.

A mere muse,
a mere spin
of barbed woolen
twine doth this
blind poet's foray

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