Thursday, 10 April 2014

Interrogative/Demonstrative Sigh by Frank Lardo

Interrogative/Demonstrative Sigh by Frank Lardo

"Clack" -
The clapper board
initiates the
personified revelation.
The word clock
summing interminable
agony as the torrential
downpour of continuous
rants endure.

With cross-examining
lens flares
of vulnerability,
a world upon thine eyes
hinges a perspective
of the ever cryptic

With each stanza,
another avant-garde
flat key dissonant
melodic line is
articulated before
binary translation
of a visual feast.

Rolling seasonal
personal freedoms
and imprisonments
like sine-wave undulations,
polar dislocation and
fragmentation -
sear and
adhere into
the wordsmith that vocalizes
his demure chants.

For blind-sighting
the next runway of
oblivious misadventure -
The next sands fall
into cake mixes of
pavement disposal efforts -
Rouge seals,
upon openings of a future
passage -
the certainty never lies.

(c) Frank Lardo

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