Sunday, 9 February 2014

Your Lips James WF Roberts

Your lips
my lips
your flesh
my flesh
our bodies dancing as one
that night,

that moment
burned forever in our memories
dancing upon the corner of my vanity
world is cold
Earth’s alone,
woman is the slave of society
man no longer master
of his own mind
facing the punishment

for my crimes
your tears fill my cup,
sweetest wine I’ve tasted,
your blood drips into my mouth
lost without body,
stranded without your touch.

Too many directions
pulling me from side to side,
free-falling now onto this world of hate,
I am you. You are me.
have we just thrown it all away,
to the very bottom of the sea.

Your life
my death
too many regrets,
my actions,
cut us both like a knife.
too much bliss
helping me to forge

your face is on my pillow,
I hear your voice, as the wind
pelts against the window…
© James WF Roberts

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