Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Vital organ (Valentine's Day Comp) Joel Mackinnon

Vital organ
There is a machine in your body that never sleeps.
One that helps you to keep a beat
From before your born to the second that it sleeps.
You. Are. Alive.
You live, breath, think and do
Everything is possible when you have this groove
So many people we say live without it
But how do we know?
Only until we doubt it.
The heart my be an organ but its so much more
It breaks and bends and when the time comes
Makes you follow something more
We don't know why,
We know we shouldn't
Yet this one time our head falls in line…
Setting aside your thoughts of what right
For one small moment you don't take it slow.
You cant.
You leap head over heels for this special person
Sadly its they who have the curtain
Whether of not its been ripped out from underneath
Or that high lives on.
Our heart makes us follow
Or head gives us reason
Falling in love no matter the season

Joel Mackinnon
Growing up in developing town not far from Melbourne in Gisborne Victoria.
I was introduced to true meaning poetry by friend and from there I went my own way taking inspiration from the Australian rap/ musicians Bliss N Eso.
Trying to develop my own style that incorporates my love of 'Cheesy' rhymes and 
I have only been writing for under 6 months or so, it started off as a 'release' then as I continued to write and enter a poetry slams and attuned a monthly organised reading in the next town over fell in love with it.

I hope to be well known one day.

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