Thursday, 6 February 2014

Valentine’s Day Poetry contest.

Valentine’s Day Poetry contest.
Well it’s that time of year again, where we think of our loved ones, our special someone, the person
we put above all others…or it is the time of year where we mourn for lost love, or it is a day when we buy into the whole commercial-ness and the marketing of Chocolates, Flowers and tiny teddy bears, that say, “I wuv you”…

So, why not have a poetry contest for Valentine’s day…have your poems published on the Red Wolf Press blog site and always recited on on Valentine’s day/night.
 Theme; Valentine’s Day.

Any style of poetry, any variations on the theme accepted. It could be about love, or sex, or the loss of a relationship. It can be dirty, bawdy, sad, silly, beautiful—whatever the choice is yours. Can be in any style, sestina-to sonnet to odes to elegy to stream of consciousness. It’s up to the Author...swearing and sex is allowed but nothing too over the top.
The overly commercialised nature of Valentine’s Day…anything you like as long as it is about St. Valentine’s Day.

How to enter:
All you have to do is submit an email of no more than three poems, each poem no more than fifty lines and a brief bio of yourself
And email entries to:
Deadline is midnight 13th February Eastern Australian Time.

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