Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine’s Day 2014 © James WF Roberts

Valentine’s  Day 2014
© James WF Roberts
The blushing moon
smiled down upon us,
soft lips, and takeaway.
Cigarettes and whiskey.
Don’t turn away from me now.
Please don’t ask me,
what you already know….
Don’t make me,
leave this place…

Can’t you feel it again?
The nectar of love
dances upon the tips
of our tongues.

I will not say those words
they’ve all said before.
I won’t dare to be, what
I could never be.
I’m not a devil
not a saint,
I’m not a dream.

Feel that night, closing in,
how many times, did
we create the language of love,
those shadows upon the wall?
Close your eyes now,
I will never let you fall.

Memories linger upon the body,
long after the touch has withdrawn.
Lie again in my arms,
Stay here…can you see the rolling dawn?

I will not say those words,
make those empty promises,
every man,  always swears.

No words have I found,
that can describe what you
make me feel…love is pure,
love is selfish. Love is fire
love is hatred and desire.

Until our first kiss,
I never knew what life
was. Look at me now,
do you think I could ever hide?

Don’t ask me what you already know.
Don’t turn away from me,
please, step back into the light.

Don’t turn me out into the night.
In your eyes I see the sorrow
I see the confusion, torment
of forever wondering about tomorrow.

You told me that this night,
would never end.
A thousand lifetimes lived
before the dawn.
Fire and passion, re-born.
But, this is now, and that was then.

But these weeping arms of mine,
longing to feel your touch once again.

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