Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sweltering Night James WF Roberts

Sweltering night,
sitting in the darkness.
with a vodka on the rocks
and a twist of lime.
Sitting in the bathtub,
trying to spit out some rhymes
when all I can tell you,
is how I’m burning deep inside,
gotta stop myself,
from dialing your number,
but never pressing call.

The world at my finger tips,
million people around me,
but so lonely do I feel.
Old Blues records,
making this feeling worse,
here I am again,
trapped within my self-made curse.
All I wanna do is travel to that
brand new, invisible multi-verse.
Where we’ve never met,
I have no regrets,
and I don’t have to try to forget…

(c) James WF Roberts 

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