Thursday, 6 February 2014

Silent Girl James WF Roberts

Silent Girl

Silent girl’s voice
deafened by the noise
of the world.
Burning tears,
hidden scars,
buried from the world,

Demon hands
the body remembers
every touch of water
of flesh. Of sunlight
of the breeze,
the body always remembers.

Whispered words
filled with dread,
“our little secret.
No-one will ever understand”.

Silent girl
cuts again tonight.
Every part sullied
has to burn, has to be carved.
Another hit quiets the world,
another dose brings her closer
to serene mist.

Medicated bliss
secrets hidden in plain sight.

Silent girl longs for the day,
yet, always craves the night.

Silent girl knows that nothing
will ever silence the dreams,
dull the memories.

Silent girl longs for the end
but knows the pain it will bring.
Not to her, but everyone
that doesn’t understand.

Silent girl loves the world,
but fears the future.

Silent girl reveals all
too she trusts the most,
he uses like a blunt knife,
threatens to ruin her life,
just so she will hate him,
like he hates himself.

Silent girl
with the forgiving heart,
can only go so far,
before the breaking point’s reached.

Silent girl forgives
but never forgets.
© James WF Roberts

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