Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I Want (Valentine's Day Comp) Joel Mackinnon

I want.

I want a friend
I want a friend that I can call mine
A friend that I can call any time of the night.
A friend that drops everything
The kind of guy that's got your back in a fight
A friend that will push me.
To limits, then to infinity and beyond.
That knows when I'm upset.
When some things wrong mentally.
That wont back down when I'm saying 'I'm off to bed'.
That knows when I'm lying.
When I need someone.
I know I'm selfish.
I want parents I can tell I'm having a bad day.
I want parents that can tell when I'm having a bad day.
Parents that listen when I have something to say no matter the time of day.
I don't want the perfect parent, there's no such thing
I just want to say something and be heard. Someone to listen.
A parent that is my best friend.
The doctor.
The chef.
Walking ATM.
Debating partner and all in all.
Someone who's smarter.
I want a home that I can bust into song or play the guitar all night long.
I want to have friends that feel like its their home to.
A house where everyone gets along.
A house I can come home to after curfew.
I don't want to be held back by accusing glances you think I missed.
I would love something of my own.
Something important that I can go to, use, show off.
My own snake.
A pup.
My P's.
Or the front door keys.
I would love that camera I long for.
Possibly a metal detector to look under earths floor..?
I don't want to be laughed at for what I say.
Believe or want.
I want to be equal.
I want respect.
I want to be believed over my generations beliefs and stereotyped feats.
I am more then how much i appear be.

I will be the one to make you see my love has no fee.
Joel Mackinnon

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