Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Everyday (Valentine's Day Comp) Joel Mackinnon


Every day is a lie, from dawn to dusk.
Putting up the defenses like we do our hair, involuntary, yet necessary. Waiting for the days onslaught to begin, hoping that the cracks in the foundation won’t give way today.
Praying that the mask you have put on won’t shatter and revile the monster that’s caged beneath.
Having the fake smile and humourless laughs ready. Pretending all the while like you actually care then going home and becoming a wall of indifference. There is no end.

The path is indefinite.

We tell people what’s going on, expecting them to have an answer that we never had a question to. We all have so many questions and so many answers, trying to match them up like a child puts the shapes in the right hole. But our game is so much more complex. Our game simply won’t end with the last of the shapes.


   Our game continues from the moment we have air in our lungs and blood in our heart. To the day where we take our final breath and our machine of heart finally becomes still. No matter how long we search, or how large an area we cover, life will dance around us. Laughing, teasing and snatching away hope then breathing life into it like embers in a fire...
We can search… But we will not find.

 Joel Mackinnon

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