Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ceilings By Frank Lardo

By Frank Lardo

Phonetic signals,
warbling and
undulated -
The villa's garden
valiant on the hill atop
synchronized rotor blade
pulsation -
of firefly wings en masse.
fleeting -
welding spark-like
colonies intertwine
as a universal entity.
Unbridled beauty
articulated in
formations of graceful,
energized cavorting
akin to flamenco dance.

Time be for time's sake
the telling yelling it's
supremacy upon this
poet's aspirations.
Sands be not sands
in the urban sense,
but further notches in
the club of discontent
and jaded glass tales
acting it's vicious
snark from the veins

The gut strings
in their viscous and
varicose gauge
sound the consistency of
such percussion that strikes
the chords of each day lost
and each day gained in
sullen rhythmic

(c) Frank Lardo 2014

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