Wednesday, 12 February 2014

AN EXCAVATION OF OUR LOVE Hamish Brown (Valentine's Day Comp)


(dedicated to all Archaeolovers on Valentine's Day)

Let's rediscover our legendary long lost laundry
because there's a very distinctive collection
of artefacts-of-our-life that's just like how
they used to do it and do it again in Peru.

We don’t want to rely on old assumptions
dutifully and accurately recorded in work books,
field journals, lab analyses and consultant's reports,
which would most likely have confused and conflated
the results of our mutual investigation and
our latest findings about each-ther
as we are both uncovered and retrieved
and stored in a collector's database
after a field crew's measurements assess the size,
the incredible size,  of the site of our fabled,
fabulous, fickle and fulsome encounter.
It is erroneous for the time-teeming players
either to categorise me
as a relic of the Misogyny-scene,
or have you labelled

as a prime example of primitive fertility rites,
or generalise about our particular
nocturnal practices to suit a theory,
because the traces that we never knew
we left behind for whichever future will expose us
are not the tender traces that we drew
around each-other on a daily basis.

We devised our own scientific methodology
and so experimented and researched each-other
from the day we were built to when we fell into ruins.

So will it be tonight, in our case,
that we're willing to reacquaint,
running along well enough
to give ourselves over
to the ashes of the great southern land
to create an evident manifestation of modestly dying
in each-other's lithic limbs and caressing corridors.

However long ago we were, we were,
and all that much closer for there being
far fewer of us to choose from in those times.
About us, who you stereotype
as ancient, pagan, illiterate,
ignorant, superstitious and short-lived,

will you ever get to know
any more about us tomorrow
that you don't know by today?

At least our lovelife is still on mitochondrial display
all the way through history to you today.
Now everyone's in academic transit, even if only
to speculate for an instance, of how we were then.

You have committed tandem tsundoku time after time
ever since you collected us and stored us on a shelf.
It is the seemingly random remnants
layered, weathered, disturbed
and scattered by our bared memory
that provokes all this between us:
yet another excavation of our love.

Let's both keep on digging deeper down into you and I.

13 February 2014
Hamish Danks Brown a.k.a. Danksta Downunder

HDB/DD (born 1957) is a poet living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland who writes and performs in a variety of venues and at functions as well as on the social media. This poem came about from being involved in a series of archaeological field trips with a team from the University of Queensland investigating the ruins of a C19th timber town in Cooloola National Park.