Friday, 10 January 2014

Letting Go - A New Year’s Reflection Cynthia Sharp

Letting Go - A New Year’s Reflection

This year I’ve learned that
poets do not follow instructions
and it turns out better that way.

A film set does not belong in the living room.
There is no amount of broken machinery
you ever need to keep.

Anything that’s been through a flood
was compost a long time ago.
You really can live without your third year essays,
even if they mention U2.
If you quit the job, you don’t need the manual.
Get enough sleep. The mess will still be here.

The computer is doing it’s best.
Don’t ask it to open attachments.
Facebook is not for all day.
If he doesn’t friend you back,
 throw out the love letters.
Having more than one blog
does qualify you as a geek.

But most importantly,
 one should walk daily at the ocean
and not take it all so seriously.


Cynthia Sharp edits and writes poetry, short stories and novels.

 She has been published in Toasted Cheese & Haiku Journal.

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