Saturday, 11 January 2014

Five Short Poems from James Downs

Leaf floats down cool

leaf floats down cool
             still river water     I drink
from small fruit juice jar 


Six word story

Find cat
     call me
            he’s drunk


Vigorous cacaphony

Vigorous cacophony made me
investigate   it was weird birds

flying with vertigo through the
calm light   I searched for relief

from a deadly rash   I bore it well
through ravish of the neon breast



Blue heron

neck stretched seeking height
         settles down between blue reeds
and light and water

James Downs


Gertrude Stein:  a response

a bicycle is a bicycle is a bicycle




James Downs lives in Yosemite National Park, California.  A native Texan, James moved to the Golden State in 1993 and happily calls himself a "permanent Californian."  James produced a twice yearly onstage writers’ night, WORDS, which lasted eleven years.  James has a chapbook WHERE MANZANITA (2000) and a full-length volume MERGE WITH THE RIVER (2004), both published by Poetic Matrix Press (, and will have a chapbook in 2014 and his third full volume soon.  In 2010, James became the Associate Editor of Poetic Matrix Press.  In his spare time, he writes lyrics with a musician friend for SAWHORSE. Most importantly, James wants you to know that he married his love of ten years, Joy, in the summer of 2007 on his publisher’s land by a creek under a willow tree. Best decision of his life.  James retired and they now have their second home in Sonora, California, as well. 

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