Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Is there anybody

Is there anybody there?
Lofty, lonely, mad on that diamond chair.
All the world is cold,
all our love is old,
nothing compares to the sunshine we once shared.
Now, I'm floating in this vortex,
this rushing wave of fear,
standing in front of my reflection,

just one thing remains to be clear...

Yet in this world full of ugliness, just you, just you
know how to reach me by that tenderness in your touch.
That death watch beetle, stalks me tonight,
that death watch beetle of the soul.

Twisting everyway, no clear path. No clear way of getting out of here.
I'm the middle man,

of the three in the cave, light and shadow,
puppets on the wall, is suffering an illusion,
is there nothing left for me at all?

(c) James WF Roberts 

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