Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Memory Of A Kiss

The Memory Of A Kiss
James WF Roberts

Whispers on the wind,
The changing of the tide;
Echoes of love and hate
As the world keeps on going…
In out…in out…
The breath stirs deep in the valley
Of the chest as a touch of a hand
And the feel of lips upon lips;

Where are you now?
What are we doing?
Words buzz on a bright blue screen,
Nothing changes, except for hours and days

Moonlight falls upon my window
Tonight, do we sleep under the same moon?
Or, again are we in a different time zone?

Pour a glass of wine,
My reflection in the red,
I keep thinking of your lips
One touch was fire,
One embrace was ice?
Ain’t funny how quickly things can change

The dream before the idea,
The thought before the words,
The anxiety before the action,
And then rolling up and down the hills of bliss
But, all that now, is just a memory of a kiss

Only contact now, just Ones and Zeroes
Jumbled up in a blue line, as the smallest
Words on the screen, say hello/goodbye/stay safe
Even when we say worse than; “Go to Hell;

All of this and so much more,
Echoes around my mind;
Time and time again,
All of this, the pain and the bliss,
From just the memory of a kiss
                                                 Blue Electric Dusk, 2013

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