Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Welcome to the new home of Dark poetry on the web...


I bid you all welcome to a new dwelling for the dark and the mysterious, for the strange and the perverse, for the philosophical, for the erotic, for the devotional and for the simply Laugh-out-loud/off the wall poetry. This blog, this forum is a pathway to build a poetry collective across borders, across creeds, genders, ages and politics...essentially this is a new creative space for poetry and short-fiction. This is going to be a new creative space, to post (when submissions are open), critique and to find poetry. 

However, this page is not just for poetry. This is a place for all artists, all creative thinkers, photographers, artists, musicians, etc…think of this a one-stop shop for Arts, for reviews, news, views, etc. Only administrators can post more than once every four days. So please feel free to post what you want on here…if you are musician with a new song out on soundcloud or you have just had something published and what to brag about it to the whole world—please feel free. This is an open space. A forum for everyone. No slander. No racism. No intolerance. And some of the things posted on here may be used on if we get the permission of the author/poster to re-broadcast it. 

What we are looking for is punchy, exciting, edgy and can re-post previously published work as long as you acknowledge where it has been published previously. And, of course new work. But please keep in mind that most poetry publishers consider the online space as published territory so if you plan on sending something into something very prestigious and lucrative this may not be the best place for you...but other than the above rules...this is a poetry, art free-for all.

Regards your poetry curator, James WF  (Red Wolf)Roberts 

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