Thursday, 24 October 2013

Red Wolf Press: Staff Profile: Founder and Curator James WF Roberts

James WF Roberts, is an Australian poet and radio broadcaster on He has recently published his first collection of poetry, Blue Electric Dusk, with Numen Books, has been shortlisted in Australian and Irish poetry prizes, been published in American, UK, Australian and European poetry and short story journals.

Publication List:
Internet @ 4am Misery

Blue Electric Dusk (Numen Books)
Pending Release Date May—June 2013.
Complete Poetry Collection.

The Eyes Have It
Serial Killer Story
 Siren’s Call Publishing (USA)
Slaughter House Vol. 3. Pending Release.

The Art of Being Human (Eur)


Hot White Kiss (Busy Bird/page Seventeen issue 10);

The Invisible Hand, Swimming in the Tear Drops of God, Betrayed With a Kiss
(Melpomene Anthology:; Speak

Softly, Lie Still, (Painted Words. 2012. Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE); 

Mystique (Co-Lab Project Book and Art Installation.  “Home Sweet Home” “What Do I Taste Like?” Little Raven (Erotic) Publishing Guest-blogger and audio performer for Little Raven Erotic Publishing.; 

“I wonder if...” (e-book and internet audio collection. Song of Sahel, charity e-book for African drought relief)

Echo of You

 The Spirit of (Edgar Allen) Poe Anthology, in the USA, poem (Literary Landmark press/Angel Knight Press.USA/,


Rage Poetry. Dead. (Tribute To Allen Ginsbrg) (Verandah Literary Journal twenty-six 2011)

Previous writing awards/grants/fellowships:

Runner-Up Hot White Kiss, Page Seventeen, Busy Bird, Poetry Prize.

 Short Listed for the 2012
Fermoy International Poetry Festival (Ireland).

2009/10 Echo of You (first version)
Highly Commended Award for John Shaw Neilson Poetry Prize, “2010 Fellowship of Australian Writers”
Highly commended for the RAW Arts Literary Prize Bendigo
“Lost Son” Black Saturday.

Won the RAW ARTS Youth AWARD for Literature
‘As the Crow Flies’ short story’

Highly Commended RAW ARTS Youth Awards
“The Bleeding of the Heart’


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