Thursday, 31 October 2013

Poet's Corner: A Crappy Verse...James Dooney

A Crappy verse... ( written on Facebook, 1/11/2013 )


Its time to write ..
Pure Crap.
The finest Crap.
Only Crap.
Crap glorious Crap.
For everyone's eyes only crap.
Everyone else is writing crap so why dont I write crap .. crap.
Higher then the highest mount of... Crap.
Lower then the lowest toilet bowl full of .. Crap.
Crap to the east
Crap to the west
Coz Crap is all that you like best... Crap.
Sugar Coated Crap.
Silky sweet Crap.
Solid gold Crap.
Reet petite the finest crap you ever want to meet.. crap.
woooh oh oh oh ...
oh my
oh my god
Did I just seriously
write this ?
the above ?
the preceding ?
the aforementioned....
Crap ??
Jeeeeeeesh ....

Hi there everyone.   My name is James and I am a 39 year old Australian English teacher living in Gwangju, South Korea.  I like to write, read, study, work out and experience different cultures.    I have been writing on and off for 24 years and I look forward to bringing you my work !!!

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